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Dental Treatment Planning that Will Boost Your Case Acceptance

Our Treatment Planning software helps you wow your patients, and dramatically boost case acceptance.

Quickly and easily chart out your patient’s current state, goals, and treatment plans with our easy to use, patient friendly interface. Treatment planning automatically syncs to your fee guide so that you can quickly and easily generate estimates, letters, invoices, and more. When paired with our award winning case presentation videos, your production will soar.

In fact, you can expect a 15-35% increase in production, according to a recent survey of our client base. Are you ready to take your case presentations to the next level? Consult-PRO Treatment planning is your next step.

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Better Treatment Starts With a Better Treatment Plan

Consult-PRO Treatment has the dental implant practice in mind with custom manipulation tools and visual presentation options. Treatment planning and patient experience certainly provide the dental practice what it needs to benefit both the patient and dentist.

 create multiple detailed visual treatment plans

 automated cost estimate breakdowns

 multiple tool sets for various treatments

 create easy shortcuts of multiple tool combinations

 Create templates for various treatment plan options

 store and manage multiple treatment plans for your patients

 easily build and export treatment plan form to give to your patient

 custom tool sets for your favorite and most used tools

Consult-PRO Treatment Can Handle All Your Different Plans With Ease

With our extensive dental tool kit Consult-PRO Treatment can help you build the most complex treatment plan options.  With an easy to understand design, Consult-PRO Treatment estimates will also help your patients see exactly what is invovled and what options are availble to them for their specific needs. Below are just a few examples of treatment plans that can be built with Consult-PRO Treatment.

Dental Bridge Treatment
dental education software screenshot

Dental Crowns
dental forms software screenshot

Dental Veneers Treatment
dental imaging software screenshot

Denture Treatment
dental notes software screenshot

Dentures with Clips Treatment
dental notes software screenshot

Mixture of Dental Treatments - Including Bone Grafting, Dental Implants, Post and Core, Root Canal, Bridge & Veneers
dental notes software screenshot

The best dental software for any dental practice.

We strive to bring the very best to the dental industry.

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