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Effective Powerful Dental Imaging at Your Fingertips

Easily store and access all your patient’s x-rays and clinical photos with Consult-PRO Images. Add measurements, implants, crowns, and annotations quickly and easily using our intuitive interface. Instantly provide projected treatment results for your patients with our Cosmetic Imaging tool.

All images are automatically categorized and stored, so you can quickly and easily track your patient's past and future treatment options. Images communicates fully with Consult-PRO Forms. You can instantly import your patient's x rays, clinicals, and cosmetic images into their forms.

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A Dental Imaging Solution for a Better Practice

Consult-PRO Images focuses on the manipulation of x-rays and clinical photos designed for the dental implant practice. With custom manipulation tools and visual presentation options, the treatment planning and patient experience provides the dental practice with what it needs to benefit both the patient and doctor.

 Easily store and access all your patient's X-Rays and clinical photos

 customize by Adding measurements, annotations, and using the draw tool

 Automatically organize your records

 Export x-rays, clinicals, and more into your patient's forms

Full Integration Across Consult-PRO Modules

Consult-PRO Images integrates seamlessly across all Consult-PRO modules, such as Chairside and Forms. Easily import presentation screens from Chairside into Images to integrate into a patient x-ray or bring images from Consult-PRO Images directly into Forms to create a full customized patient document.

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The best dental software for any dental practice.

We strive to bring the very best to the dental industry.

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