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Here a list of helpful FAQs to get you started. If you need more information feel free to contact us on our support line toll free at 1-800-519-6569.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the minimum technical requirements to run Consult-PRO?

For the minimum requirements please see here: www.consult-pro.com/support.html. Smile-PRO TV Requirements Link as well when available.

My internet connection isn’t the greatest - can I still use this?

Yes, absolutely. We recommend an internet speed of at least 6 Mbps but you may experience slow loading videos the first time you try and play them as they would need to be cached on your local device. Movies load instantly on a device after being watched for the first time on that device.

Error message “Remote Updater Not Set” displayed when launching the application.

Your Windows User Account has insufficient privileges to download and install the update. Right click the Consult-PRO Premium Enterprise icon and select Run as administrator.

"Consult-PRO has stopped working" message when starting the software for the first time.

 Please ensure .NET 3.5 SP1 is installed/enabled and C:\ProgramData\Consult-PRO is granted full permission for the Windows user.

How do I transfer Consult-PRO Cloud to another computer?

Please contact Consult-PRO Support at 1-800-519-6569 or support@consult-pro.com


Is there a CD version I buy?

No, there is no CD version. Consult-PRO Is a Cloud-Based Software which means you are required to have internet at all times and therefore a CD based version is not available.

Why isn’t there a CD version?

CD versions are outdated quickly and do not allow for us to continuously add new content and features, update, or support without having to mail you a new CD or USB key. With the cloud version we can send you updates at the click of a button!

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes we do! Consult-PRO offers a free 2-week trial for you to see how our software fits into your practice’s workflow. Please contact a sales representative at 1-800-519-6569 or sales@consult-pro.com to set-up your trial.

How often do you update the software?

Consult-PRO has major updates an average of 2 to 4 times a year with minor updates being more frequent for bug fixes and general workflow improvements.

Do you add new videos? And if so how many videos do you add a year?

Yes, we do! Consult-PRO adds an average of 20 to 40 new or updated videos each year.

Can I request videos to be made for future updates?

Yes, absolutely. All of our new videos are added in based on client requests. If you have a suggestion for a video please contact your account manager or our sales department.

Can I post videos/other Consult-PRO content on my social media accounts?

No, Consult-PRO is Copyright protected and not to be used on social media. Please read our terms and conditions.

Can I buy individual movies or a certain bundle of videos?

All of Consult-PRO’s packages come with the full video library. We do not sell specific videos or offer speciality packages.

Can I buy a custom animation(s)?

This can be done but please contact a sales representative at 1-800-519-6569 or sales@consult-pro.com for more information.

Do you integrate with other softwares/my practice management system?

No, Consult-PRO does not integrate with other softwares. It is a standalone software and works alongside your practice management system keeping a separate record.

Can I speak to another Consult-PRO user?

Please see our testimonial page or review page for feedback from our clients (link) or contact us for further information on your needs.


Do you provide complimentary training?

With any Consult-PRO package you will have access to both our video training library and written training manuals to help you get started right away.

Do you provide live training sessions?

We offer a variety of training packages based on your needs. Please contact your account manager to get pricing.

Billing Information and Cost Information

What do I get with the monthly Payments?

With your monthly payments you are entitled to technical support, any updates to the products you have, 5GB of storage, and cloud backup and encryption of any information stored in Consult-PRO.

Can I pause my subscription?

There are special circumstances which Consult-PRO will allow you to pause your subscription such as a medical leave or events you could not otherwise control (i.e. natural disaster). Otherwise no pauses will be allowed and reactivations are subject to the appropriate fees.

Can my subscription cost ever increase?

All subscriptions are subject to an annual increase of up to a maximum of 5%. This increase is not always applied and is to costs on par with the rate of inflation and development. Please refer to our terms of service (link) for further information.

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