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    Educate, Motivate
    and Save Chairtime
    Quality, quantity, and complete customization make Chairside
    the education tool of choice for all dental professionals.
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    New Chairside
    Built with the doctor and patient in mind, the new Chairside
    expands on new features and rich detailed graphics. Designed
    to educate and inform your patient with ease, a must have
    software for every dental practice. Available in 20 languages.

Educate and motivate your patients today with our 15 day risk free trial.

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Email Videos to Patients

Chairside’s award-winning presentations can be e-mailed directly to your patients and recorded in their history.

Create Tabs and Favorites

Users can create tabs and populate them with their preferred content for easy access. 

See What Chairside Dental Software Has to Offer

Easy Reliable Dental Software for Doctors and Patients

Consult-PRO is dedicated to improving the dental experience. Since 1999, Consult-PRO has combined emerging dental concepts and emerging technology for the benefit of the dental patient and the dental professional.

Consult-PRO Chairside Premium is the COMPLETE Dental Patient Education Solution used by general dentists, specialists, hygienists and the entire dental team. It has benefitted over 10,000 users in over 114 countries, and is available in 20 languages and counting.

Chairside provides over 500 award-winning 3D video animations, 130 brochures, and over 300 slide presentations, including clinical pictures and case presentations. Quality, quantity, and complete customization make Chairside the education tool of choice for all dental professionals.

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The Ideal Dental Software for Any Dental Practice

  • In the Operatory
  • In the Consultation Room
  • In the Waiting Room
  • At Home
  • On Mobile Devices

With the ability to view Chairside on tablets, iPads, and other hand-held devices, Consult-PRO’s dental software is mobilizing the dental experience.

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More Videos, More Choices

Use Consult-PRO Chairside’s ever expanding library of cutting edge dental animations to educate your patients on different treatment options. Then, use our intuitive interface to guide patients through related content, treatment options, and your recommendation. Our continually updated video library ensures that you’ll be equipped with the right videos for every case.

Brochures, Slides, and Videos

Chairside is not just videos. You will have access to our vast database of slides, brochures, and videos quickly and easily using our built in navigation tools. Presentations are linked to relevant slides, brochures, and videos, ensuring you and your staff make maximum use of our powerful patient education tools.

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Educate and Market

Consult-PRO's Chairside adds a personal touch to the dental office by welcoming your patients, keeping them informed, and entertaining them in the waiting room. Presentations are easily customizable, whether it’s a series of loops or a before and after showcase of your work that can be changed depending on your individual needs. For example, if a patient is waiting for their root canal appointment, they can be informed of and view marketing about comprehensive dentistry. Consult-PRO videos will make them aware that after root canal therapy, a crown is required to prevent tooth fracture, something that otherwise would have had to be extensively explained. By using Consult-PRO in the waiting room, the patient will have a greater understanding of and more readily accept optimal treatment.

Print Custom and Standard Dental Brochures

Consult-PRO has over 130 vibrant brochures available for print or email. Users can customize these brochures by adding or changing text, images, or the overall layout. Each brochure is automatically printed with the office logo, the patient’s name, birth date, and the date it was printed. Printing and e-mailing are automatically recorded in the record of care.

An additional library of high quality, exclusive brochures is also available through our Consult-PRO Forms expansion module. These can be added to Consult-Pro Chairside at any time.

dental consultation with patient

Informed Consent Made Easy

Documenting informed consent or informed refusal is about protecting the dental professional and the dental patient. Proper documentation is paramount to the success of any modern dental practice. With Consult-PRO’s Chairside software, the complete Informed Consent Solution has arrived.

  • Show 3D consequences of non treatment, different treatment options, and various complications associated with different procedures.
  • Automatically document the exact date and time the procedures were shown to a particular patient.
  • Add notes in WorkPad about what was specifically discussed with the patient.
  • Print brochures highlighting the details of the presentations shown and automatically document that they were printed and given to the patient.
  • Email 3D presentations to the patient for them to watch at home with other family members or decision-makers and automatically document that you e-mailed the presentations.
  • Automatically document when the presentations are watched by the patient at home.
  • Consult-PRO also gives you the ability to have the patient digitally sign to confirm that they have seen and understood everything that has been explained to them.

The best dental software for any dental practice.

We strive to bring the very best to the dental industry.

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