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  • Peace of Mind For
    Your Patients
    Our brochures not only show your patients the
    treatment options for their specific needs, we
    have also included brochures that show
    the consequences of non-treatment.

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No Need to Create Your Own Brochures

With the purchase of Consult-PRO Forms, you get the Consult-PRO Brochures module at no extra cost. These premium brochures expand on the brochures already in Chairside. They combine more than one presentation in each individual brochure. The vast number of brochures are conveniently categorized and completely customizable. With each Consult-PRO update this category receives more brochures at no extra cost. Your library grows every year.

Why spend money creating and printing brochures? Print one customized brochure for that particular patient and concept, as well as meeting the criteria of informed consent and proper record keeping at the same time!

Premium Brochures are Included with
Consult-PRO Forms

With Forms, you not only have the flexibility of creating your own custom dental forms but we have included useful dental brochures for the most popular treatment and procedures.

 Easily fill out brochures with patient information

 add patient specific notes to the brochures

 Automatically complete forms using Smart Dialogue boxes

 Includes dozens of full color brochures covering all aspects of Dentistry

Premium Dental Brochures Included with Forms

With Consult-PRO Forms, we have provided useful dental brochures for the most popular treatment and procedures. With multiple brochures regarding procedures and the consequences of non-treatment educating the patient has never been easier and faster. Select from our library of premium brochures to help patient see the benefits and options they have for treatment. Here are just some of the premium brochures we have included:

  • Missing Tooth Replacement Options
  • Consequences of Non-treatment (Single & Multiple Teeth)
  • Missing Multiple Teeth Replacement Options
  • Posterior Maxilla Bone Loss
  • Stages of Periodontal Disease
  • Sinus Lift with Implant Placement
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Full Dentition Replacement
  • Lower Arch Fixed Detachable

The best dental software for any dental practice.

We strive to bring the very best to the dental industry.

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