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The ultimate one-stop-shop software for any dental clinic is here. With Cloudent, users have access to the largest library of patient education materials in the industry plus the ability to document informed consent, easily store and access all of your patients imaging x-rays and clinical photos, share materials with patients to fill out digitally, personalize brochures, create treatment plans, estimates and forms, track billings and performance, and do much more to streamline your record of care and enhance the productivity of your clinic.

No more juggling multiple softwares for every aspect of running a dental clinic, Cloudent can do it all. Each subscription comes with live one-on-one training, several hours of customization to get your office set up quickly, and free unlimited support to make sure your data and workflow is secure and smooth. With a user-friendly design, it’s used by general dentists, dental specialists, treatment planners, treatment coordinators, hygienists and the entire dental team.

Dental reporting software

Dental reporting software

Dental reporting software

Dental reporting software

Educate, Motivate and Save Chairtime

Quality, quantity, and complete customization make Chairside the education tool of choice for all dental professionals. See it in action by filling out the form below.

Usage Metrics

A comprehensive breakdown of patient education statistics filtered by how much educational material shown, what kind, how many emailed, which office and by who.

Billing Reports

A comprehensive breakdown of billing statistics for each of your offices. Filter by office, associate, type of procedure, pending payments, any date range and more.

Standardized Forms

Easily create, edit, fill out forms digitally and import/export existing forms and auto complete personalized forms for patients or standardized forms for your brand.

Paperless Office

All the tools to bring your entire office into the paperless future. Cleaner records, easier access, less storage and better patient/provider experiences.

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Our Testimonials

I have used Consult Pro for over 10 years now and have tried several other patient education programs, none of which come close to matching the power of Consult Pro. A sinus graft becomes crystal clear when they see it in a nonthreatening manner while viewing Chairside. I could not make complex treatment plans seem simple to my patients without the use of Chairside. Consult Pro is THE most important patient education piece in my office

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. Richard M. Oakley
Oral Surgeon

have used Consult-PRO for many years now. It is a great tool for educating patients on Dental Implants, Orthognathic surgery, Sinus Lifts, Wisdom tooth extractions and much more! As an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, having the ability to show the patient an animation video aids in the process for setting the right level of expectations and projected outcome. Thank you Consult-PRO for your product and devoted service.

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. Schwartz-Arad
Oral Surgeon

Consult-PRO is the best patient education software available today. The education uses engaging 3D animations to demonstrate dental concepts
and procedures from simple fillings to complex surgical and implant procedures.This software increases patient acceptance dramatically and our patients deserve a proper understanding of what we are doing for them. Every dentist should have this essential tool in their office

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. David Garber
Periodontist / Prosthodontist

I have been impressed with the digital animation library available by Consult Pro to educate my patients. Today, we now have the ability to email movies as well as offer a weblink to further enhance patient understanding and acceptance of our treatment plans. Well done Consult Pro!!

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. Maurice Salama

I love Consult Pro's Chairside software. I currently use the software in my office; it's a great way to educate patients and provide a visual guide when I am discussing different treatment options. It has also been valuable for use on TV Shows.

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. Bill Dorfman
Cosmetic Dentist For the Stars

Hi im Dr. Murray Arlin, Im a practicing periodontist in Toronto and I am happy to say that I have been using Consult-PRO for many years. I have never seen another product on the market like it. It's unsurpassed in patient education software and something that everyone should take a serious look at. I highly recommend Consult-PRO

doctor testimonial for Consult-PRO dental software
Dr. Murray L.Arlin
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