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Consult-PRO is the world’s leading Dental Patient Education Software company, specializing in 3D Animated Dental Education. Now offering total dental practice paperless software solutions.

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Consult-PRO Dental Software, Creating a Common Global Knowledge for Dentistry

The Consult-PRO team has been specializing in the development of Dental Software for over 15 years. Explaining the benefits of treatment, the consequences of non-treatment and the treatments themselves is one of the most difficult daily tasks for the dental professionals. A case presentation tool that represents the quality work the dentist performs is something the patient both needs and deserves.

Consult-PRO is the world’s leading Dental Patient Education Software company specializing in 3D Animated Dental Education and total practice solutions. Since 1999, Consult-PRO has provided the most comprehensive dental patient education presentations in the industry focusing on all aspects of general, implant, oral surgery, periodontal, orthodontic and endodontic treatment options and consequences of non treatment. With Web and Cloud Based Enterprise systems, Consult-PRO combines emerging dental techniques and emerging computer technology for the benefit of the Patient, the dentist and the dental institution. With the ongoing collaboration of the industry's most experienced practicing dentists, consultants, and multimedia developers, Consult-PRO's position on the leading edge of dental education and dental software is assured.

The globalization of dentistry is a wonderful thing, as doctors and patients from different regions of the world are receiving the benefit and expertise of a shared dental knowledge. Consult-PRO is a major supporter of and vehicle for that knowledge exchange. By providing the most up to date dental techniques and 3D animated technology, in each country’s specific language. Consult-PRO is contributing to the development of a common global dental knowledge and pushing the boundaries of dental software.

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